Take Action: No More Procrastination

It’s time to start a new habit; take action and apply what I learn rather than just increasing my knowledge.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve spent years watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading blog post after blog post, and going through countless courses about how to run a successful business online.

But what good is knowledge if you do nothing with it?

You must apply what you learn. Procrastination won’t get you anywhere. You must take action!

That is what I intend to do with this blog:

  • Take massive imperfect action
  • Apply what I’ve learned
  • Share with you what works (and what doesn’t)

I want Internet Habits to be a trusted go-to resource for anyone that’s trying to start or grow a business online. I want to help people improve their life by learning more skills and/or forming new habits.


As this is the first blog post on Internet Habits, I should introduce myself. I’m Pete Williams and if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m the founder of Internet Habits.

If you were hoping for a more in-depth introduction, I go into a little more detail on the about page. The posts on this blog are intended to help you, not bore you with talk about me.

Sharing What Works

So why would I want to share what works?

Let me explain:

I’ve always enjoyed helping people, so I figured the best way to do this is to share what I know on the Internet. That way I can reach a larger audience and impact many more lives.

I’ve already helped a handful of people in business and lifestyle, including competitive sports (powerlifting and bodybuilding). It’s allowed me to see that when applied, what I know works well.

Show Me The Money!

Oh, and if you’re sceptical about whether you can make money online. Here’s a photo of the first ever cheque I received for affiliate marketing:

Clickbank cheque for $215.85
Not a huge amount but we’ve all got to start somewhere

(I wasn’t lying when I said I’ve spent years doing this)

So now it’s time to help people on a larger scale. By doing so I’ll also help myself by spending more time doing something I enjoy.

Plus, it’ll be fun to prove my doubters wrong.

Come follow me as I share my journey with you:

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Oh, and if you’re wondering . . . Of course, I have an email newsletter. What kind of Internet marketer would I be if I didn’t grow my email list?

You can sign-up here (it’s free):


As a little incentive, there’ll be subscriber-only content!

Kid clenching fist in victory


Well . . . there you have it. Now you understand my intentions and why I started this blog. I want to help you succeed!

  • Are you ready to take action against procrastination?
  • How have you helped others to grow?
  • How can I help you?
  • What would you like to learn from this blog?

Let me know by leaving a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you . . .

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